Stress is real.
Workplace stress is a major source of stress for North American adults. Increased levels of job stress as assessed by the perception of having little control but lots of demands have been demonstrated to be associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders.
It’s Alright seeks to redefine professionalism.
It’s Alright is a workplace comfort kit designed to promote an environment of openness and empathy. It is marketed towards offices and is meant to be communal. The kit should be placed within an office break-room or a commons area. Employees are to share the items within the kit.
Kit Content:
one blanket
one plush pug
one can of hot cocoa (with “this too shall pass” printed on the lid)
one mug which says “everything will be okay”
five buttons which says : “I’m okay”, “I need a hug”, “leave me the f* alone”, “I can’t talk about it”, and “internally screaming”.
Oftentimes, negativity and anxiety are frowned upon at the workplace. People feel uncomfortable expressing their stress at the workplace. There is a stigma that any negativity is unprofessional. This often results in bitterness, employees complaining in private, and passive-aggressive behaviors, amounting to a toxic environment.
It’s Alright offers the much needed comfort and sympathy to employees without requiring them to verbally complain. Professionalism should not be about hiding one’s stress, it should be about creating a positive work environment.
This project is done for Packaging Design class at York University/Sheridan College’s joint design program. The goal was to create a kit that included more than four different objects.
Detail of the back of the package
Brand Iterations. "Don't Panic" was the original brand, a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. After further development, it was decided that a comfort kit should not heighten anxiety. Thus we decided it's better to go with a softer approach and focus on calmness instead of satire.
Package prototype.
Package prototype #2.

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