Froot Soap

In the modern world, people often feel disconnected with manufactured products. Bath soap, a product common in each and every washroom, is produced in factories. It is chemicals, everything people deem “unnatural”. Yet it shares an intimate relationship with our body.
Candy, though manufactured in factories, have been widely accepted as being fit for consumption. They are associated with nostalgia of our childhood, and thus, begs for our trust. 
Fruits, on the other hand, are known to be natural, healthy, and wholesome. They convey a sense of freshness and life.
The combination of the two edible object stimulates our senses. It appeal to our base instinct, the happiness and desire we associate with sweet candy or a succulent fruit.
The packaging design of Froot bridges the gap between manufactured and human. The soap is fruit scented, and the package is made to look like fruit flavoured candy. The package is designed with high end cosmetic retailer, like Lush, in mind. The package have a clean exterior, and a personal interior. Employees can wrap the soap before the eyes of their customers, so customers can witness the magic of the process. This sends a human touch to the package, making the consumer feel the artisanship of the soap without directly showing them the soap making process. 
The candy wrapper shape, while playful, invites the user to unwrap it. The idea of a “wrap” reminds people of presents. The blinding colours gives the user a pleasant surprise when they open the package. The wrapping paper then become a beautiful keepsake. One can use it for activities such as origami. 

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